What is Australia Famous For?

Australia is one of a kind country and travel destination. You need to visit Australia to feel what the country has to offer. Thinking about travel to Australia? Don’t hesitate and make that decision. You won’t regret! Now, before you go. Australia is quite famous for a couple of things. Below, we’ve listed the things why Australia is so famous.

First country to celebrate New Year

Every year on the last day of the year Australia (and Sydney more specific) gets the news. It because they celebrate New Year as first country in the world. Knowing that Australia enjoys summer temperatures in December, it’s quite unique to celebrate New Years Eve in Australia.

At New Years Eve, the Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House are than in the center of the spotlights. With a lot of fireworks the new year is celabrated.


  • Kelly Minogue
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Hugh Jackman


Australia is known for a wide variety of animals. There are a lot of species that only live in Australia, like the Kangaroo and Koala. But there are also some less nice animals to spot. The kind you want to avoid getting close to:

  • Saltwater Crocodiles
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Tasmanian Tiger (unfortunatally extinct 80 years ago)

Cities / places

  • Sydney
  • The Outback
  • Beaches


  • Bondi Beach


Travel destination for digital nomads, back packers, …

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Ayers Rock / Uluru
  • Back packing
  • Great Ocean Road


  • Aborignals
  • Laid back mentality