Best beaches in Australia

You can say Australia has the most beaches of the world. With a coastline of more than 60,000 kilometers, there are a couple of nice beaches Down Under. In total there are more than 10,000 beaches you can choose from. Don’t worry, we won’t list them all. We’ve picked the best beaches in Australia for you! So you can plan your trip to Australia for your favorite activity (surfing, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing or something else).

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Bondi Beach, Sydney

Located just outside of Sydney city centre is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches – Bondi Beach. With its golden sands and sparkling ocean waters, it’s the perfect spot to relax and take in the stunning views of the city skyline. Plus, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as surfing, swimming or even cliff-jumping! It’s definitely worth visiting for its iconic beauty and unbeatable atmosphere.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands: Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island offers some of the most spectacular views in all of Australia. Its crystal blue waters are surrounded by untouched white sand that stretches out for 7 kilometres offering visitors an unforgettable experience. You’ll also be able to find great spots here for snorkeling or kayaking too making it perfect for a sunny beach day!

Cable Beach, Broome

Cable Beach in Broome is one of the most well-known beaches in Australia due to its vibrant sunsets that draw people from around the world each year. On top of this, its calm waves make it great for swimming and other water sports as well as sunbathing on its sandy shores – making it a must-visit spot!

Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Get ready to be wowed by Turquoise Bay located in Exmouth – one of Western Australia’s most beautiful beaches with clear turquoise water framed by majestic limestone cliffs – providing a truly unique setting like no other! Snorkelling is popular here too so bring your gear when you come to get up close and personal with local sea life!

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

Go wild at Hyams Beach which has been voted as having ‘the whitest sand in the world’ by Guinness World Records! This pristine beach has become quite a popular destination thanks to its brilliant white sands combined with crystal clear waters – making it ideal for swimming and relaxing on those balmy days during summertime!

Noosa Main Beach, Queensland

Just 1 hour north of Brisbane lies Noosa Main Beach – an idyllic spot with consistent waves great for surfing or boogie boarding as well as lake-like conditions at nearby Noosa River where you can go kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding if you’re feeling adventurous! Make sure you catch one of the iconic sunrises or sunsets while you’re there too – they are simply breathtaking!

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Be prepared to be amazed by Wineglass Bay located within Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park – this stunning bay features striking white sands stretching out beneath aquamarine coloured waters creating an unforgettable view at any time of day (especially during sunrise & sunset!). Perfect for spending time relaxing on its shoreline before exploring further into Freycinet National Park itself!

Green Patch, Jervis Bay

Journey over to Green Patch beach found amongst Jervis Bay National Park where you will find secluded stretches alongside bushland offering private access away from busy crowds – making it ideal if you want some peace and quiet while still enjoying picturesque views of its golden shores along with plenty of wildlife wandering around too!

Lucky Bay, Esperance

Get ready to say hello to wild kangaroos at Lucky Bay located down south in Esperance – this secluded beach is known for being quite remote but rewardingly beautiful with white sand dunes throughout plus excellent surf conditions (perfect if you’re keen on learning how ride those unpredictable waves!). Just ensure that you bring sufficient food & water supplies when visiting here as there aren’t any stores nearby… but it will be worth it we promise!.

Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast

Last but not least is Burleigh Heads beach situated between Brisbane & Sydney along the coast – this popular destination caters towards anyone looking to catch some tanning rays or challenge their skills against surging surfs all year round attracting plenty of avid surfers from afar over each summer season..