8 Amazing Day Trips from Cairns That You Can’t Miss!

Cairns is a great city to visit, but why not make the most of your time in Far North Queensland and explore the many other sights the area has to offer? From beautiful beaches and lush rainforests, to stunning waterfalls and amazing wildlife, there are plenty of day trip options from Cairns. Here are some of our top picks for the best day trips you can take while you’re visiting Cairns.

Waterfalls at Atherton Tablelands

Head inland to the Atherton Tablelands and you’ll find some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Queensland. Take a leisurely drive through this region with its rolling hills, tropical forests and sugar cane farms to see breathtaking cascades like Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls, Tinaroo Falls and Ellinjaa Falls. You can even take a dip in one of these natural pools!

Enjoy Palm Cove

If you’re looking for a beach getaway but don’t have time for a full-blown vacation, head north from Cairns along the coast. After about 30 minutes you’ll reach Palm Cove—a stunning beachside village located between two national parks. With its white sandy beaches lined by palm trees and crystal blue waters, it makes for an ideal day trip destination!

Go To The Great Barrier Reef

Who could come all the way to Far North Queensland without visiting the Great Barrier Reef? There are plenty of tour companies that will take you out on a boat for a day-long tour so that you can explore this World Heritage Site up close. Snorkel or dive among colorful coral gardens teeming with marine life or just soak up the sun on deck—you won’t regret making this trip!

Discover Daintree Rainforest

This ancient rainforest is home to some of Australia’s most unique plants and animals, including cassowaries and several species of tree kangaroos. Take a guided tour through this lush landscape or go it alone on one of its many hiking trails, stopping along the way to see sites like Mossman Gorge or Emmagen Creek.

Explore Cape Tribulation

Located within Daintree National Park is Cape Tribulation—one of Australia’s most beautiful beach towns. Spend your day exploring its pristine beaches before heading inland to spot wildlife like wallabies, kookaburras, lizards and more! Be sure to check out iconic spots like Kulki Lookout too while you’re there!

Choose The Kuranda Scenic Rail

One of Far North Queensland’s most popular tourist attractions is certainly worth checking out if you have time. The Kuranda Scenic Railway takes passengers on an amazing journey through dense rainforest scenery as they make their way from Cairns up into Kuranda Village in about 2 hours. Make sure your camera is charged—you won’t want to miss any shots!

Rainforest At Mossman Gorge

Just outside Port Douglas lies Mossman Gorge—a spectacular rainforest filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Follow one of its many walking tracks which are maintained by indigenous rangers who will tell stories about their culture as well as share knowledge about local flora and fauna along the way. Don’t forget your swimsuit either so that you can cool off in one of its many swimming holes after your hike!

8 Amazing Day Trips from Cairns That You Can’t Miss!

With so much beauty surrounding Cairns, it can be hard to choose what day trips should be taken during your stay in Far North Queensland! Whether it’s discovering hidden waterfalls surrounded by lush foliage or taking advantage of all that nature has offered at places like Mossman Gorge or Cape Tribulation – there really is something for everyone when it comes to planning great day trips from Cairns!. So get ready for some fantastic sightseeing experiences away from home as well as learning more about local culture while exploring these amazing locations nearby.- So start planning now and don’t miss out on any amazing opportunities during your stay here in Far North Queensland!. Safe travels everyone!