Map of Australia (regions – highlights)

When you’re planning your tour of Australia, a map with all the regions and highlights is quite handy. That was something we missed when we planned our roadtrip. Australia is a big country with a lot of awesome things to do. Below we added a map with interesting things you might want to do when you’re traveling to Australia.

Regions of Australia (map)

Australia has seven regions which all have their own highlights and are recommended to visit. The most popular region is the Australian East Coast (Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria).


Queensland is located in the northeastern of Australia. Interesting highlights of Queensland are Brisbane, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation, Daintree Rainforest, …

New South Wales

New South Wales is located right below Queensland. Interesting places are Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Australian Capital Territory

The capital city of Australia is located in the Australian Capital Territory. Many think Sydney is the capital city, but it’s not. Canberra is since 1908 the capital city of Australia.


The region Victoria is located at the Southeastern of Australia. It’s the home of Melbourne, Great Ocean Road with the 12 apostles.

South Australia

In South Australia you can find Adelaide, Kangaroo Island. It’s a famous region for wine.

Northern Territory

Northern Territory has the most famous highlights of Australia. The Outback with the Uluru and Kings Canyon but also the Top End with Darwin & Katherine are located in the Northern Territory.

West Australia

West Australia is the biggest region of Australia. Highlights are Perth, the Kimberley’s, …

Highlights of Australia on a map

The map above shows all of our recommended highlight of Australia. If you’re looking for some nice things australia has to offer

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Harbour Bridge
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