Roadtrip Sydney to Melbourne tips

Going strong for a roadtrip from Sydney to Melbourne (Australia)? Good thinking! It’s one of the most popular roadtrips in Australia. This iconic driving trip between the two biggest cities of Australia will take you by breathtaking coastlines. Discover everything you need to know for the roadtrip Sydney – Melbourne below.

Distance Sydney to Melbourne

The shortest route between Sydney and Melbourne is 878 kilometers, but you don’t want to take that route. You need to drive along the magnificent coastlines of New South Wales and Victoria.

More time? Drive the Great Ocean Road

When you’re in Melbourne and you have some time left? We recommend driving the Great Ocean Road! It’s a 243 kilometer drive between Torquay & Allansford. You’ll see the 12 apostles, seaside cliffs and a lot of things to do along this ride. Want to discover more? Read our Great Ocean Road article!