Sydney OPAL card

Opal card is a smartcard ticketing system used for public transport services in the greater Sydney region, including trains, buses, ferries and light rail. It works by tapping on and off at Opal card readers located at train stations, bus stops and ferry wharves.

Where to buy the Sydney OPAL card?

Opal cards can be purchased online, over the phone or in person at Opal retailers such as convenience stores and newsagents. You can also buy an Opal card at the airport train station or from a self-service machine located within the airport terminals.

When you purchase an Opal card, you need to add value onto it before using it to travel. You can top up your Opal card with funds online, via the Opal Travel app or at an Opal retailer.

Using an Opal card is generally cheaper than purchasing single tickets for each trip and offers discounts for off-peak travel. It’s a convenient way to pay for public transport in Sydney and eliminates the need to carry cash.

What does the OPAL card cost?

The cost of the Opal card itself is $2.50 AUD. This is a one-time fee and covers the cost of the card itself.

When you first purchase an Opal card, you will need to top it up with funds to pay for your travel. The minimum amount you can top up is $10 AUD for adults and $5 AUD for children and concession cardholders.

Opal fares are calculated based on the distance travelled and the mode of transport used. There are also daily, weekly, and Sunday travel caps that limit how much you pay for travel each day or week.

For example, as of September 2021, an adult fare for a single trip on Sydney Trains between Sydney Airport and Central Station costs $16.22 AUD during peak hours, while off-peak fares start from $8.05 AUD. However, if you use your Opal card to tap on and off during the same day, you will only be charged a maximum of $16.10 AUD per day (or less if you reach the daily cap earlier).

Overall, using an Opal card can be a more affordable option than purchasing individual tickets for each trip, especially if you plan to use public transport frequently in Sydney.