Digital Nomads

10 ways to make money while traveling

Making money while traveling sounds like a dream, but it’s surprisingly achievable! With several websites and apps designed to help travelers earn income on the go, you don’t need to find a day gig in the next town over. It can be as simple as renting out your spare room on Airbnb or picking up some freelance work. You could even become a virtual assistant, take surveys online for extra cash, or sign-up for any number of teaching programs available for travelers in different countries. Really, there are hardly any limits when it comes to making extra money while you explore the world. So don’t forget to pack your ambition and roll with it!

Best places for Digital Nomads

As a Digital Nomad you can work and live anywhere you want. There are some requirements when digital nomads select a specific place. Below you

How to become a digital nomad?

The digital nomad lifestyle is trending! And it should! For a lot of people living a nomadic lifestyle is a dream come true. Are you

Digital nomad essentials

As digital nomad you need some equipment to Packing list for your day to day essentials. Do you want to start living as a digital