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Clear Waters of Europe: Best Beaches to Visit

Are you looking for a beach getaway? The beaches of Europe boast some of the clearest waters in the world. From crystal-clear coves in Croatia to clear waters and white sand in Greece, there are plenty of stunning beaches to explore. Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot or an expansive stretch of sand, here are some of the best beaches with clear water in Europe.

Agia Anna Beach, Naxos Island, Greece

Agia Anna Beach is a popular destination on Naxos Island, located on the central Cyclades islands. The beach has calm waters and white sand that stretches for nearly 1 kilometer. It’s perfect for swimming and snorkeling and it also has shallow waters which makes it ideal for families with children. The beach can get quite busy during peak season but it still remains relatively quiet compared to other Greek island beaches.

Stiniva Bay, Vis Island, Croatia

Stiniva Bay is a cove located on Vis Island off the coast of Croatia. It’s one of the most stunning bays in Croatia and its crystal-clear emerald waters make it a must-visit destination. The bay is surrounded by steep cliffs that reach up to 200 meters high and there are two small pebble beaches at either end. There are no facilities here so make sure you bring everything you need including food and drinks!

Cala Macarelleta Beach, Menorca Island Spain

Cala Macarelleta Beach is one of Menorca Islands’ most beautiful spots with its white sand and turquoise blue waters. The beach is quite secluded so there won’t be too many people around when you get there but it does get more crowded during peak season. There are no amenities here so make sure you bring all your own supplies if you plan on spending time here!


Europe has some amazing beaches with crystal-clear water that will take your breath away! From Agia Anna Beach in Greece to Cala Macarelleta Beach in Spain, these stunning destinations offer everything from seclusion to activities like snorkeling and swimming. So grab your sunscreen and hit up one (or all!) of these beautiful European beaches this summer!

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