Can you connect bluetooth headphones to inflight entertainment?

More and more people have bluetooth headphones. You can pair them to almost every device like smartphone, laptop and television. But what about the inflight entertainment system of your flight? A question that a lot of people (with wireless bluetooth headphones have: “Can you connect bluetooth headphones to inflight entertainment systems?” An obvious questions where you would think the answer is yes? But is it really?

Can you connect bluetooth headphones to inflight entertainment?

The answer is actually no.

Every airline company we have asked this question, they reply with the same answer. It’s not possible to connect your bluetooth headphone directly to the inflight entertainment system. However, it’s possible to use a bluetooth transmitter and connect your bluetooth headphones wit that transmitter.

How is it possible you ask?

The first launch of bluetooth goes way back to 1999 according to Wikipedia. This means that bluetooth already exist almost 25 years. Almost all devices support bluetooth. It’s a worldwide standard. However, the inflight entertainment system of airplanes aren’t ready for bluetooth.

The only way you can use your (possible expensive) bluetooth headphones is by using a bluetooth transmitter. There are a lot of bluetooth transmitter on the market. Low end starting at $20 to more expensive onces reaching $100 each. Which one do you need to use?

Best bluetooth transmitter for airplanes

So are you facing a long distance flight, you want to use the inflight entertainment system and you don’t want to use the crappy wired headphones provided by your airplane company? Buy yourself a decent bluetooth transmitter like the Twelve South Airfly Pro.

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