How to get high-speed WiFi when traveling?

Do need reliable and fast wifi when traveling? There are a couple of options if you want to keep on surfing while traveling. We’ll give you all the options with pro’s and con’s over every option.

Use roaming of your local provider

it’s the easiest way to get online. Roaming is using your current mobile plan and surf abroad. It’s a tricky way of going online while traveling. You need to check, before you go, in which countries you can use roaming without extra costs. It depends of your current provider.

Use wifi at the airports / train stations

When you’re traveling, the chances are big that you’re going by plane or train. In most airports and train stations you can use a public wifi connection. Most of them offer high speed internet connection. You need to be aware that using a public wifi has some security issues.

If you plan to use a public wifi, we recommend you use a VPN (virtual private network).

Use wifi of your hotel

Our tips and recommendations for wifi at the airports also counts for the free wifi in your hotel. It’s very handy you can use it. But be aware of the risks. Get a reliable VPN and go online without any risks.

Get a local prepaid sim card

If you’re going to travel for a longer period, like a couple of weeks / months. It’s profitable to get e local (prepaid) sim card. We recommend you get a dual sim card so you can still use your personal cellphone number but data of the local provider.

Check the local providers and buy the best option that fits your requirements.

Use a mifi router

If you need to have wifi on your computer, tablet and any other device? It’s handy to have a mifi router within reach. A mifi router is small portable router where you can plugin a sim card. This way you can get a local sim card and surf cheap.

Internet café – not recommended

If there is one thing we don’t recommend is using wifi from internet cafés. It’s one of the biggest security risks you can have. So don’t use it.

Don’t go online, get a digital detox

We like to stay online ourselves when we go traveling. But ask yourself the following questions: do you really need wifi? We’re always online. While traveling you need to enjoy the little things. Get a digital detox and enjoy the details of your travel destination. Unless you’re a digital nomad, then a reliable wifi connection is necessary while you’re traveling.