100 travel hacks for flying

If you're flying regularly or just once in a while, everyone can benefit our 100 travel hacks for flying. With these tips you might like flying a bit more. We've compiled a list of our best airplane travel hacks. It will improve your travel experience or save you (a lot of) money. Ready? Let's get started...

Best Travel Hacks for flying

Booking your flight

  1. Book flights early to get the best deals.
    The earlier you can book your flights, the better. You’ll rarely find cheaper last minute plane tickets then booking long in advance!
  2. Compare different airlines
    One of the best ways to book cheap airline tickets is by comparing them online. Use a site like Skyscanner and find the cheapest, shortest flights in no time!
  3. Use a Credit Card that offers miles / points
    When you book your tickets, you should use a Credit Card or other loyalty program to save up miles / points. Even if you don’t fly that often. It could be useful when boarding the airplane.
  4. Avoid layovers
    If you can, try to avoid layovers. If a layover is unavoidable make sure you have enough time between both flights. Depending on the airport you might need more or less time.
  5. Choose the best seats
    Use the website seatguru.com to find the best seats on your airline. Search the type of aircraft you’re going to fly with.
    Traveling alone? Book the aisle seat. You’ll get easier up and move around during the flight.
    Traveling a couple? Book the window seat & aisle seat. Chances are that the middle seat isn’t popular and will most likely be left open. If so, you’ll have 3 seats for 2 people. If it’s booked, you can asked the other person to switch.

Going through security checks

  1. Pick the line with business men/women
  2. In general you can say that business people are used to travel. So they will runn smoothly through the security checks.
  3. Almost boarding? Talk to the airport personnel that your flight is currently boarding. Ask it friendly, the will probably see how they can help you out
  4. Bring a reusable water bottle. You can’t bring a lot of liquids on the airplane. And the price of the water bottles are quit expensive. But there are nog restrictions on bringing your own Water bottle. Make sure it’s empty for the security checks and you can refill it after at a drink fountain.

Boarding your flight

  1. Make sure you check-in online.
    All airlines offer online check-in. You don’t need to wait in line at the airport. And you can choose the best seats. Find the best seats online with a site like seatguru.com
  2. Download the airline’s mobile app
    If you’re airlines offers a mobile app, download it. You’ll be able to access your boarding passes for your flight.
  3. Print your boarding passes if possible
    In most cases you’ll be to use the QR code on the airline’s mobile app. But in the cases it doesn’t work or if you’re smartphone dies, you can rely on the printed version. It will save you a lot of worries.

What to bring on the airline?

There are some items you should pack when flying to your destinations. Some of them depend on the length of your flight.

  1. Pack a power bank
    Not all flights have the option to charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop. A powerbank is a must i in our hand luggage when we’re flying. We have a 27.000 mAh powerbank that can charge our laptop, our smartphone a couple of times or other electronic devices.
  2. Small noise cancelling headphones

Download your airline’s mobile app on a smartphone or tablet to access information about the flight quickly and easily while traveling.

Bring comfortable clothing such as sweatpants and layers of clothing so you can adjust accordingly depending on how cold or hot it is during the flight.

Invest in noise-canceling headphones to help block outside noises while flying, such as crying babies, kids playing, and engines running outside of your window view.

Pack snacks and a water bottle to avoid paying for food once onboard mostly overpriced items at airports or on airplanes too often contain unhealthy ingredients which lead added calories plus costs more than what passengers would spend buying snacks from home before boarding their respective flights anyway .

Dress comfortably but also be mindful of TSA standards when packing your bag; no matter where specifically you go any country’s nationality might highly enforce its own security systems rules upon leaving/arriving airports either way you should be careful not overpack by stuffing unnecessary items in ‘checked luggage’ bags because this will inevitably slow down wait time between boarding & arrival times overall .

Bring a carry-on bag with necessary items, such as a book, magazine, phone and charger, in case your checked luggage gets lost or delayed.

Download books and movies to your device for entertainment in the air, just in case there are no entertainment options on board.

Avoid booking flights at peak travel hours to avoid long check-in lines, flight delays and airport overcrowding.

Choose an airline that offers perks such as complimentary meals, snacks and drinks on long haul flights.

Get to the airport early; plan ahead by accounting for traffic or other unexpected delays and arrive at least two hours before departure time.

Take advantage of free wi-fi available at airports; many have free Wi-Fi networks allowing you to browse the internet during layovers or while waiting for your flight to board.

Bring a small backpack or bag with collapsible handles so you can quickly slip it under the seat in front of you when taking off and landing on longer flights where space is limited onboard the plane itself .

Pack light: bring only what you need for every day wear + key documents of identity like passport/ID cards avoid overweight luggage fees as much possible as well .

Check TSA’s website prior to packing to make sure all items comply with their standards; this will also help reduce wait times too .

Make sure all important luggage tags are securely attached; lastly once inside airports use special features ‘luggage devices’ which helps keep track them through location signals help identify missing/delay bags more easier!

Wear slip-on shoes since they make it easier to go through the security check-points at airports.

Bring a travel pillow and blanket on board for long haul flights; these items can help make the flight more comfortable and less stressful.

Keep all important documents, such as passport, tickets and driver’s license, in a secure bag or pocket when flying to avoid losing them in transit.

Research where airport lounges are located so that you can find one during layover periods; this will allow you access to complimentary services such as Wi-Fi and refreshments while away from home .

Utilize airline loyalty programs which give you access to upgrades and exclusive deals for frequent flyers.

Reserve ground transportation ahead of time; if it’s your first time at an airport try booking shuttle/taxi serviced beforehand! This will save time hassle queuing up lines other passengers who haven’t pre-booked their mode transportations yet !

Get travel insurance so any worries of unexpected disasters can be covered while abroad (ex: lost baggage/flight delays).

Check weather forecasts before packing and consider bringing clothing that is suitable for any possible conditions you may encounter along the way .

Have an emergency bag packed with essentials like snacks, water bottles, medications, chargers etc., just in case your main suitcase gets lost or delayed en route .

Ask for upgrades upon arrival; some airlines offer discounts for upgrading seat class or purchasing different packages which could provide better traveling experiences!

Research best currency exchange rates before changing money at airports where some offer higher/lower conversion values than others.

Take advantage of direct flights when possible; this will save time, reduce layovers and the chances of delays in between connecting flights.

Bring earplugs and noise-canceling headphones to stay away from crying babies or loud conversations mid-flight; these items can help make the trip more comfortable and relaxed .

Download entertainment options before leaving home such as music, movies and series for entertainment during flight delays or other difficulties arise .

Bring empty water bottles on board so that you can fill them up after passing through security checkpoints; this will help prevent carrying extra weight in your carry-on luggage .

Charge devices prior to take off to ensure they last throughout the entire flight; most planes nowadays have outlets plugging type cables that travelers can use during long haul trips .

Avoid putting any sharp objects in your bag that could potentially be mistaken as a weapon and result in confiscation at airports; only bring items TSA lists on their specific website are acceptable!

Sign up for airlines loyalty programs since they often offer bonuses/discounts on future trips when accumulate enough points/miles traveled with them regularly too !

Do not forget important dietary needs like gluten free meals etc., notify airlines ahead bookings so they can allocate special meals accordingly just case!

Check documentation requirements depending on a country’s immigration policies beforehand to avoid problems upon landing airport arrivals page customs officials quickly transferrable information if necessary too!

Utilize flight tracking apps to be aware of any delays that may occur; this will give travelers enough time to adjust their plans in advance .

Select the best seat for a flight by using online seating diagrams which show rows and aisle numbers so that you can choose the perfect fit before boarding starts !

Follow up with airlines after flights to receive compensation where applicable – this includes refunds or extra miles due to delays that occurred during your journey!

Bring some form of entertainment, such as books or games so that boredom won’t set in while flying long distances; these activities also make great conversation starters with people sitting next to you too !

Check-in online when possible since this will help speed up the process getting through airports without wasting valuable time standing lines.

Buy travel insurance for peace of mind; unexpected disasters can arise at any moment during trips and having a safety net is always wise if something goes wrong .

Ensure all required vaccinations are administered specially if travelling abroad and consult health providers about necessary medication depending on destination visited !

Be aware of cultural differences before arriving at a new place so as not offend local customs laws/practices out of respect for those living/working there with social etiquette knowledge gained ahead travel too!

Pack light since dragging bags around airports from terminal connections can be painful, try making lists beforehand eliminate items unnecessary bulky lugging around !

Invest in quality luggage pieces that come lockable zippers keep belongings secure while checking transit luggage carousels avoid theft away main field view vision thieves have opportunity steal away unseen items inside bags left unattended either!