Travel Tips

Whether you’re heading out on a family vacation or jetting off to an exotic destination, travel can be both thrilling and stressful. To make sure your trip is full of fun memories and not long nights spent worrying, here are 50 essential tips to help you stay stress-free while traveling!

Flight tickets

  • Use Skyscanner to find the best flight tickets
  • Be flexible
  • Set a price alarm
  • Arrive early at the airport


  • Get a soft suitecase / bag
  • Buy a handy backpack
  • Pack light
  • Pack always a towel
  • Bring a lock
  • Make photocopies of your documents
  • Make digital copies of your documents
  • Pack a reusable waterbottle
  • Bring a powerbank
  • Get comfy shoes
  • Get earplugs
  • Buy yourself a good pair of headphones

Bank cards

  • Make sure your credit cards is activated for your destination
  • Don’t bring money from home

Getting around

  • Download an offline map of your destionation


  • Ask information in your hotel / hostel / …
  • Be friendly and ask if an upgrade is possible


  • Write down your memories / experiences
  • Be open to strangers
  • Try the local food
  • Take free walking tours
  • Write down important phone numbers
  • Prebook your tickets (Get your guide is my favorite place)

1 – Make sure to pack light. Overpacking is one of the quickest ways to add unnecessary stress to your trip. When packing, try to stick with only the essentials and a few items that will make you feel at home. Anything else can be picked up along the way or purchased at your destination if needed.

2 – Leave yourself plenty of time before your flight. Arriving early gives you enough time to check in, go through security checks, and find your gate without feeling rushed.

3 – Split up your important documents into multiple places.

It’s always good practice to bring photocopies of important documents like passports and tickets just in case something happens to the originals during your travels. Place them in different bags or pockets so that if one gets lost or stolen, there’s still another copy available.

4 – Bring an empty water bottle with you through airport security checkpoints. Once past security, you can fill it up at a water fountain which saves money on bottled water while also helping reduce plastic waste!

#5 – Download any offline maps before leaving the house. This way you won’t have to worry about finding a place with WiFi when trying to locate attractions and restaurants in unfamiliar cities!

#6 – Bring a first aid kit with all necessary medications as well as any extras like bandages or antiseptic wipes—you never know what kind of minor injuries could occur during travel!

#7 – Pack snacks for long car rides or flights because hunger can cause mood swings easily and no one likes being hangry! #8 – Wear comfortable shoes when travelling—your feet have been through enough already without having to endure uncomfortable footwear all day!

With these 50 tips, we hope that your travels will be stress-free and full of wonderful memories! Remember that travel should be enjoyable so don’t forget to take some time every now and then just to relax and enjoy the sights around you—you may find something unexpected in even the most mundane places! Bon Voyage!

How to do laundry while traveling?

Doing laundry while on the road can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar place with foreign laundry machines. But it doesn’t have to be! Trust me, with a few simple tips, you can rest easy knowing that your clothes won’t come out looking like shrink-wrapped parachutes or stained in mysterious hues. First off, find out whether there is a laundromat near your destination before you leave – this will help ensure that you have access to laundry services if needed. When purchasing detergent, opt for liquid instead of powder for better results. Avoid overstuffing washing machines and don’t forget to check pockets for gum wrappers and other debris before throwing them in the wash. Finally, pay attention to the settings on the machines and follow any instructions carefully — this will prevent your clothes from being damaged by overly harsh cycles or high temperatures.